About STRAPATSEN (Official)

Strapatsen (Ramon) fills (almost) every day with music, MAKING music that is. He is in his own words always buzzing with inspiration. Sometimes he whispers, that a difficult childhood is an endless breeding ground for his inspiration. Anyway, Ramon mainly makes new music.
And he uses almost artisanal methods. Of course he checks the latest plugins, but he knows very well what effects he wants to achieve, so he’s just doing a lot of editing by hand. Achieving much, with a few tools, seems to be his credo.
Recently, for his income he left to Germany, but the music wouldn’t let him. With great sense of responsibility, he returned to Nijmegen, to meet the deadlines he agreed to, about his music.
Strapatsen was asked in 2014 to create a soundscape at a film screening in Lux. For Extrapool he delivered atmospheric sounds, for an app by artist Klasien vd Zandschulp with which the listener / walker can enjoy a musical exploration of Nijmegen. Strapatsen also acted as a DJ recently. Now he wants to become proficient in mixing and creating live sets as well. All those activities in music, wear his exclusive and recognizable stamp of approval. And when you produce music in this fashion, success will be inevitable in the long run.
Ramon is a maker, but not a follower. He braids with varying emotions and moods his music together. And that leaves the listener rarely untouched. Yet Ramon is not a bat, which can only be found in his little studio all the time. He is also an enthusiastic volunteer, at festivals for example.
Therefore, it is time that his loyal fanbase becomes a little bigger, because the question is no longer whether Ramon will be renowned on a bigger scale, but only when it will happen … And his real genuine modesty, around all these developments, adorns him. He just stays the way he is, approachable.
Ramon Strapatsen lives in Nijmegen, and is also active under other aliases as Bucky Lastard, KRÆK, Flutt:3r By, Brakke Bietjes Bakker, @Bonuskaart, @tammeherders (collective), Chameleon String Sound System. Find him on Soundcloud, or Facebook.


Ableton, en alles waarmee je geluid mee kan maken :)


Ambient, Soundscapes, Breaks, Drum&Bass, Triphop, Noise, Sfeer muziek, Breakcore, Electronics, Garage/2step (invloeden), techno, house.. en ga zo maar verder... ik doe gewoon wat ik wil en combineer zoals ik t wil :)



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